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The textile and apparel industry is specialized by high demand, short product life cycles, quick response time, large product variety and complex supply chain structure. Sampling is therefore the primary and most important process in the apparel industry. It plays a vital role for buyers and confirming the order, as buyers generally place the order according to the quality and reactivity of the sampling.
DSM providing very good solution for your sample room. It can be followed throughout the process within the manufacturing line of the sample room. You can easily customize your sample room by using our main Administrator module. Basic modules below are available in our solution, If you need more than below, we can develop for you.

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Sample Request Creation Module

Pattern Making Module

SMV Releasing Module

Marker Making Module

Planning and TnA Module

Stores Module

Cutting / Re-Cutting Module

Outsoure Operation Sending / Receiving Module (Embellishment / Dye / Wash / Embroidery)

Sewing Kit Preparation Module

Sewing / Semi Sewing Module

Re-Work Module

Quality Checking Module

Packing and Finishing Module

Barcode / QR Based Tracking

Advance and Summary Dashboards

Operational and Activity Reports

User role and Customer Based Working View and Many More Functions.

Our Solution Work On Desktops/Laptops/Tablets/Smart Phones(Apple/Android/Windows)/Smart TVs

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