WEB Based Services

Web Site Design

We had well experienced designer team. we can develop your website in minimum timeline.View More

Web Site Update

We can update your existing website to attractive and latest technology. we can change it to cross-browser support.

Web Site Data Integrations

Do you want to integrate your two website as one we can do it.

Web Site Data Migration

Do you want to migrate your data without any data lost or file corruption we can support to you. we have 100% secure and accurate methods.

Web Site Logo Design

we can make your logo as professional and creatively.

Web Hosting

We are providing shared and VPS web site or application hosting services.

Domain Registration

Authorized Domain Registrar for more than 400 domains. Sri Lankan LK Domain Registrar.View More

Domain Transferring

Transfer your domains to dsoftmedia.com. Fixed and lowest rates in market.View More

WEB Based Applications

We are developing customize apps for you. PHP / ASP.NET / NODE JS / REACT and More.View More

SSL Certificate

We are issuing SSL (Secure Server Line) Certificates For our Customers. Domain Validation ,Email Validation ,Wildcard Domain Validation and many security certificates are available.

Mobile Based Services

Android Applications Development

Android is most popular mobile platform in the world. we are developing applications for android os platform.View More

Apps Developing for Apple Devices

We can do it for your business. now you can touch world high class audience through our development.

Hybrid Mobile Apps Development

Do you want to manage single project on multiple platforms. we can provide single apps for WEB / ANDROID and APPLE Device.

Mobile Based Real Time Data Tracking

Our technology support to real time data tracking and analyzing.Example, Do you want to track your employees current location?, we can provide real time gps location tracker.

Desktop/Server Based Services

Desktop Application Development

We are developing desktop applications using JAVA or C#. Do You want to run it on any platform? don't worry you can run it on Windows/Linux or Macintosh. View More

Workstation / Personal Computers / Servers or Laptop Installation

We can manage your IT Hardware environment. minimum downtimes with high performance equipments.

Software Installation and Upgrade

We are installing software packages, upgrading and downgrading Operating System releases. Manage your Software licenses.

Files and Backups Management

We are providing files management services for our customers. we can setup share drives and backup locations for your data security.

Application Support Service

Do you want to learn how to work with your pc? we can support to your works. Our online support assistance work on 24x7 schedule.

Cloud Based Services

Cloud Based Network Architecture

Choosing the right cloud computing architecture depends on your business and technology service requirements. We can do it better and fast.View More

Cloud Workstation

Do you want to Work from home? So We can facilitate your files/meetings/emails and other services through our cloud interface.

Cloud Computing

We are collaborating with world top cloud service providers. Amazon, Google, Azure, Alibaba are our main cloud service partners.

Email & Networking

Email Services

We are providing Active Directory Services with Best Email Facilities. Real-Time messaging systems and files sharing facilities are enabled with our services.

Wireless Networks

We can setup open area wireless network for your workplace or home. Internet / Video Streaming / File Sharing and Many other services faster in Wireless network.

Firewall and Network Installing

We are installing switches, routers, firewalls and many network equipments. we can manage your network traffic and security. our load balancing technology is very power full.


SEO Service

Do you want to ranking on google? we are measuring your product ratings on google and giving best SEO plan for your product. Every time, our SEO concept getting higher ranking on google.View More

Social Media Marketing

We can push advertisements to Google, Youtube, Facebook, Viber and many other social media platforms. We are creating ads for online marketing platforms.